Things to do in Scorton, Lancashire

When you come to stay at Cleveleymere, you’ll be staying in the lovely Lancashire village of Scorton.

Scorton is just north of Garstang and is a very small and quaint area. In fact, it has a population of just 297 people give or take! 

Scorton might be small, but it has plenty to do when you visit. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the brilliant things you and yours can get up to when you explore our surrounding village of Scorton.

The Barn at Scorton

The Barn is one of the most popular venues in the village. It’s everything you could want… and then a little bit more. The Barn is a restaurant, a café, a garden centre, a gift shop, and an afternoon tea destination, all rolled into one.

The varied food on offer at The Barn is absolutely gorgeous and the garden centre and gift shop have a fantastic selection, perfect for relaxed browsing on a rainy Sunday afternoon or choosing gifts for friends and family from your travels in Lancashire!


Scorton is a great location for cycling, whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast. The number 6 national cycle route goes through Scorton, starting from London and going all the way up to the Lake District. There’s also the Scorton O’er Settle challenge which is a 90-mile long cycle route, great for the more seasoned cyclists amongst us. 


Scorton is a well-known walking location in Lancashire. Some excellent walking routes begin in the centre of Scorton village. 

From Scorton, you’ll be able to walk to Nicky Nook, which is a fell that offers outstanding panoramic views – arguably the best views in Lancashire – of the coast (including Morecambe Bay) and up to the Lakes. On a really clear day and if you’re really lucky, you might be able to see the Isle of Man from Nicky Nook! The fell itself is only 214 m high, so it’s a fairly short walk, but it’s definitely worth doing if you get a chance when you stay at Cleveleymere.

As well as Nicky Nook, Scorton offers access to the millennium way route which will take you to Garstang. This is a really popular walking route and offers epic views.

Applestore Cafe 

Applestore cafe is situated in the wonderful Wyresdale Park, in the walled garden and glasshouse. We highly recommend going to Applestore Cafe hungry as the food here is fantastic. The menus are subject to change, but you can expert hearty soups, overstuffed sandwiches, and delicious cakes. 

Daisy Clough Nurseries 

Daisy Clough Nurseries is a plant nursery with more than 700 types of grasses and perennials. At Daisy Clough, you’ll find a beautiful selection of plants, many of which are perfect for growing in UK climates, as well as vegetables, patio plants, container plants, and more.

Events & Activities

For events and activities, the official website for Scorton Village has a What’s On webpage which will tell you about the latest events in Scorton.


To discover more about staying at Cleveleymere, including our holiday lodges in Lancashire, our luxury lodge with a hot tub, the activities we have on-site, and things to do in our local area, take a look around our website.

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