8 Tips for Bringing Your Dog on a Lodge Holiday

We’re big dog lovers at Cleveleymere Lakeside Lodges! You’re more than welcome to bring your four-legged best friend if you’re staying in one of our dog-friendly Lancashire holiday lodges!

Planning a holiday with a dog requires a bit more thought than a holiday just for humans, so these are our 8 tips for bringing your dog on a lodge holiday in the UK.

Planning the holiday

When you’re bringing your pet with you, you’ll need to do a little more planning than usual. 

Make sure your holiday lodge is dog friendly

It might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s essential to check ahead of time that your holiday lodge is dog friendly. It’s always worth asking the accommodation provider what they already have in place for dogs, too. For example, if they provide you with food and water bowls for your dog, that means there’s less for you to pack unless you want to bring your own. 

Get vet details

If your dog is in good health, chances are you won’t have any problems during your holiday. But just in case, it’s worth noting down details of the nearest vets to your holiday accommodation.

When you stay at Cleveleymere, there are plenty of reputable vets nearby. Here are 3 you might like to contact if you have an emergency:

Lanes Vets: 01995 603349, Green Lane Veterinary Centre, Leachfield Industrial Est, Garstang, Preston PR3 1PR

The Beacon Veterinary Centre: 01995 600606, 12 Bridge St, Garstang, Preston PR3 1YB

Beacon Farm Vets: 01995 641000, Brockholes Arms Auction Mart/Garstang Rd, Preston PR3 0PH

Don’t run out of supplies

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing! It can be stressful to run out of essentials and have to panic-buy food and other pet supplies if you run out, especially if your dog is used to a particular brand or type of food. Keep the food in sealed/air-tight containers to keep it fresh.

Plan in advance how much food your dog will need so that you pack the right amount (we recommend packing a little bit extra just in case). The same goes for any medicines your dog needs to take.

Getting There

Car safety

For both humans and pets, staying safe in the car is the number one rule. But car safety differs from humans to dogs! These are our tips for dog car safety on the UK roads:

Never leave your dog unattended in the car

Make sure your car is well ventilated, especially on hot days

Use a restraint. Your dog needs to be restrained in the car for everyone’s safety. You can use a dog seatbelt, a harness, or a crate. Make sure your dog is used to being in the restraint before you start your journey.

Check the temperature in the area your dog will be sitting. Cars can get very hot during the summer months and, if your dog will be in the back, it’s likely to be warmer back there than in the front. Make sure it’s cool enough and don’t set off until it is.

Don’t let your dog have access to a window (or window button!)

Car comfort

Has your dog done a car journey before? If they haven’t, it’s best to get them used to it in advance. 

Start off by sitting with them in the car for a while. When they show calm behaviour, praise them with both treats and your voice. Next, do the same but with the engine on. And then start smaller car journeys.

Bring items of comfort for your dog in the car. This could be their favourite toy or blanket or something else that smells like home.

Also, dogs can get car sick, too. The best way to combat this is to give them a small meal before travelling and allow them to drink as much water as they need during the journey.

Make frequent stops

It depends on how far you’re travelling, but if you’re going to be in the car with your dog for more than a couple of hours, take frequent comfort breaks. Pulling over so your pup can stretch their legs will make the journey a bit easier.

During Your Stay

Make it like home

Taking trips away from home can be challenging for pets. Being away from their usual environment and routine can cause them some stress. But don’t worry, there are a few simple things you can do to help them feel more comfortable.

As much as possible, only bring items for your dog that they’re already used to. Buying new items during your trip that they’ve not used before could cause them added stress.

Try to stick to your usual routine (or a version of your usual routine) as much as you can. This could involve giving them food and taking them for walks at the same time each day.

Bring items that smell like home, such as toys and blankets that your dog likes. 

Don’t leave your dog in the holiday lodge by themselves – it’s not a familiar environment for them.


…And now the fun part: walkies! If nothing makes your dog’s tail wag like a great W-A-L-K, it’s best to plan some walks in advance.

At Cleveleymere, we’re blessed with a beautiful countryside on our doorstep, such as:

The Garstang Milennium Walk

Nicky Nook 

Brock Bottom 

Beacon Fell Walk

If you want to venture further afield for your walks, we’re not far from the Lake District which is home to a great many wonderful walks for dogs.

Dog owners should always check in advance with the holiday park to see which areas are dog friendly and which have restricted access for dogs.

The Ultimate Holiday Packing List for Dogs

You know your dog best, so you’ll know what applies to them, but here are our suggestions for packing for your pup:

Enough food for the duration of your stay

Food and water bowl



Medicine (where appropriate)



Poo bags



Collar with a name tag and contact details




Life jacket (if your dog will be going on any water-based activities with you!)


Harness/restraint for the car 

Microchip number 

Pet first aid kit

Details of vaccinations

Details of pet insurance


Looking for a dog-friendly holiday in Lancashire? Cleveleymere Lakeside Lodges is owned by dog lovers, which is why we’ve made sure that 5 of our 8 holiday lodges are dog friendly! Our dog-friendly holiday accommodation in Lancashire includes:

Lakeside Boat House

Lakeside Heron’s Harbour 

Lakeside Fin’s Log Cabin 

Lakeside Huntsman’s Harbour 

Discover Cleveleymere.

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